My healing journey began in 2011 when I started experiencing health symptoms that entirely distrupt my life. At first, I brushed off the fatigue, pain, and persistent discomfort, attributing them to stress and a hectic lifestyle. However, as the symptoms intensified, I realized that something more profound was at play. I consulted so many specialists, but each of them seemed perplexed by the mysterious nature of my condition. Frustration, desperation and pain became constant companions. Because of the gravity of my symptoms, I had to quit my job and I decided to enroll in a Macrobiotic School. The journey became more than a quest for a diagnosis; it became a quest for empowerment. I learned to listen to my body's subtle cues, tracking patterns and triggers that eluded the grasp of traditional medical assessments. I became an active participant in the exploration of my own health.

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What does your heart
want you to know?
What does your heart want you to do?

Tarot Guidance

I've always been drawn to the mystical and the unexplained. When I got my first Tarot deck the cards spoke to me in a way nothing ever had before. Through the symbolism and the imagery of the cards I found myself connecting with a new world of wisdom and intuition. The cards became my guides, revealing insights and truths about my life that I've never before considered.
I discovered the Tarot's power to illuminate the paths less traveled, to unravel the mysteries of the heart, and to provide guidance in times of uncertainty.

I started reading cards to my friends and to people using my intuition and the wisdom of the Tarot, helping them navigate the complexities of life, love, relationships and career.

I find purpose and meaning in providing guidance to others, and the cards seem to have an uncanny ability to reveal truths that transcends the physical world. My journey into the world of Tarot had not only enriched my life but had become a beacon of guidance and hope for all my clients.

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In Japanese culture Horai  represents a paradisiacal destination, a mystical land, associated with longevity, serenity, the pursuit of balance, abundance, wisdom and  harmony within the self with nature
and others.


Ariel M.
Julia is patient and her classes are awesome.
I love the special treats at the end of some classes such as the soundbath and oracle cards.
So glad I found her to help me stay grounded and energized.

Michael I.
I have gone to many Yoga classes over the years and Julia's is one of the best.
It is a super all round class with a nicely paced flow.   Julia herself is a joy to be around and a great teacher. She offers other types of classes and health/lifestyle advice.  So an overall health guru and a great person.

Eden W.
I love Julia's yoga classes! Julia is very friendly, warm and funny and her classes make me stronger and more relaxed! I've never enjoyed working out as much as I do in her classes.